Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Why buy used from HaldimandMotors.com?

Haldimand Motors has been faithfully serving the Hamilton area for the past 25 years. A short drive out into the country and you'll be rewarded with a selection of over 500 vehicle! Each has our best price in the window and includes e-test, safety certificate and 100% mechanical servicing, so you can be assured that everything on the vehicle works.

the value and advantages of buying used.
The most obvious reason is price. Since new vehicles can depreciate about 30% in the first year alone and most models don't change drastically year to year, a clever consumer can save $1000's by choosing a used vehicle that has all the same bells & whistles as new.

You can be confident in your purchase.
At Haldimand Motors, we ensure each vehicle is free of liens and provide you with a vehicle history report from CarProof. Our expert technicians closely inspect each vehicle for signs of frame damage. When we certify a vehicle you can be sure its not been labeled accident repair or branded.

Your used vehicle is fully Serviced and Warrantied!
Each vehicle we certify, is emission tested, and all safety requirements are met. In fact we go one step further and ensure any mechanical defects are corrected, so you can be sure that even the non-safety items, like CD player or power seats or air conditioning will work.
We warranty our work for 30 days in addition to whatever factory warranty remains on the vehicle. And if you like, you can add on up to 5 years of Extended Warranty (that begins after the factory warranty expires).